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Stretch ceilings are like dropped ceilings in that they sit below the regular structural ceiling within a room. A stretch ceiling is typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)... Read More

What are the Advantages of a Stretched Ceiling?

A stretched ceiling provides much of the same advantages as dropped ceilings. They can help to cover up the poor condition of the existing ceiling and cover wires, ducts... Read More

What are Stretch Ceilings Made From?

Stretch ceilings are typically made from a non-flammable PVC membrane that is attached to an aluminium railing called a “perimeter profile”.... Read More

How Are Stretched Ceilings Installed?

The first step of installing a stretch ceiling is to fit tracks to the interior of a room. The PVC sheets are attached to the.... Read More

How do Stretch Ceilings Compare to Dropped Ceilings?

Stretched ceilings offer all of the benefits of a drop ceiling. They can be installed to look like flat ceilings and they can also.... Read More


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